PV connectors

HTL’s reliable high quality PV Connectors allow smooth operation of photovoltaic systems. Ergonomic design make the connectors easy to use and handle, even for longer periods. It is designed for voltages up to 1,500 Volt.


  • 4G/5G & MW Towers
  • Connects RRU to Antenna
  • DC power to RRU


  • Compliant with IEC and Telcordia
  • Different types of connector
  • Minimum Loss
  • IP 68 Rated
  • Customized Length


  • Contact Resistance: <0.5m
  • Ambient Temperature: From -40°C to + 85°C
  • Upper Limit Temperature: 100°C
  • Flame Class: UL94 5VA(UL)
  • Conductor Material: Copper, tin plated