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OFC Component

HTL manufactures its Optical Fiber Cable components mainly ARP, FRP and IGFR in its Hosur plant in Tamil Nadu. This makes HTL as one of the most cost effective optical fiber cable manufacturer. The components play a key role in providing tensile strength to the OFC and helps in protecting it during installation and also from buckling during its lifetime.

Aramid Reinforced Plastic (ARP) Rods ARP rods are particularly designed to meet the strength member requirement in most of FTTH drop cables, It provides tensile strength to the cable protecting it during installation and its rigidity prevents cable buckling during cable life.
Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Rods FRP rods are used as strength Member in optical fiber cables. The FRP rod produced by pultrusion process. Fiber glass reinforcements are pultruded with unique resin formulations to produce a final thermoset FRP rod.
Impregnated Glass Fiber Reinforcement (IGFR) Yarns IGFR Yarns are used as flexible strength members with/without FRP rods to provide peripheral strength to the cable. We provide smooth & flexible coating on them, which facilitates their handling and removes dust & wobbly fibers during cable production even at very high speeds. Glass yarns as used for the manufacturing of IGFR is produced with special PU resin systems, which ultimately increases the softness & strength of IGFR.

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