CPRI Cable Assembly

Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) is an industry cooperation aimed at defining a publicly available specification for the key internal interface of radio base stations between the Radio Equipment Control (REC) and the Radio Equipment (RE). In other words, the CPRI specification provides the physical (L1) and data link layer (L2) details for the transport of digitized radio information between REC and RE. Therefore, CPRI specification enables flexible and efficient product differentiation for radio base stations and independent technology evolution for Radio Equipment (RE) and Radio Equipment Control (REC).


  • 4G/5G & MW Towers
  • Connects RRU to Base Station
  • Connects MW antenna to Base Station


  • Compliant with IEC and Telcordia
  • Customized Length
  • Different types of connector
  • Minimum Loss
  • Different fiber types – SM & MM


  • Insertion Loss (dB): <0.15 to <0.30
  • Return Loss (dB): >45 to >65
  • Mating Durability: 500 times
  • Temperature Cycling: -400°C ~ +850°C
  • Humidity Cycling: 750°C, RH 95%