Integrity drives our actions. Even in such unprecedented times, we take a lot of pride in doing our bit in an ethical and responsible way. We have been having daily communications on Covid Mandated Health Protocols to further sensitize and educate our employees and we expect them to take safety personally and act as role models to influence others as well.

Rewards & Recognitions

We are a large vertically integrated company where performance guarantees growth, but our culture is built around respect. We go the extra mile to create a fair and equal ecosystem at work for our employees. We do have a working culture that is inclusive to all.

Personal Development

We inspire and develop our people through multiple learning opportunities, where not only do they learn, but also shadow, and work with people who directly contribute to our business.


At HTL, we believe that, our employees are the cornerstone of our success. Their happiness and well-being is of prime importance to the company and hence we do provide subsidized accommodation and also ensure regular maintenance of amenities provided in the township for all our employees.


HTL is at the forefront of making important days memorable. Celebrations form the core of HTL's motive of effective engagement among people.


Internal and external business and leadership interactions to align everyone towards a common goal and improve leadership qualities.


Initiatives, such as regular health check-ups, for the employees to keep them healthy even during tough situations like Covid-19.


Through Badallav and other initiatives, we have helped poor with their basic needs and we are still continuing to do so on regular basis.

Care & Concern

Care & concern include initiatives such as Paathshala and Yoga, which are conducted on alternate day basis for development of all.