Fiber Distribution Management System (FDMS)

Fiber Distribution Management system shall provide management of large volume of optical fibers of a cable or number of cables with flexibility and reliability in all environment of access network (i.e.) at the Central office (exchange end), outdoor closure and at the building premises. It shall provide management of fibers in a consistent and structured manner.


  • FTTH access network.
  • CATV applications
  • Data communication network
  • Telecommunication Networks


  • Constructed from CRCA & Plastic material
  • Front, on internal slider, sliding outward with self-locking arrangement
  • Different adaptor Panel suitable for FC,SC,LC
  • Conforming to TSEC specifications


  • Front mounting in 19"/21" Rack
  • Both Ribbon and Loose Fiber Option
  • Outdoor Option
  • Provision of HPMS to store extra length of cables/pigtails/patch cords