Faceplate 1P,2P & 4P

HTL Passive Connectivity Solutions unloaded 86x86 faceplates can be configured to provide the ports required for the workstation LAN cabling. These faceplates are universal keystone design compatible with cat 6 & cat 6A unshielded and shielded keystone IO jacks.


  • Premise cabling
  • Data access points
  • LAN Ethernet systems
  • Workstation LAN cabling
  • Data communication network
  • Indoor surveillance camera network


  • ABS plastic body for aesthetic look
  • Inbuilt spring type shutter for dust protection
  • With integrated label holder for port identification
  • Individually removable IO ports for ease of maintenance during operations


  • Dimensions: 86mm X 86mm (UK style)
  • Available in 1port, 2 ports and 4ports design
  • Compatible for easy snap in of UTP and STP Keystone IO Jacks