FTTx Cables

FTTx cables consists of group of cables for indoor & outdoor applications. These cables are used to connect the external networks to the subscribe building.

FTTx Drop Cables Drop Cables are designed for quick installation and serve as the last link in aerial and building applications.
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FTTx Premises Cables The Premises cables are designed to be compact and can be used internally as well as externally. Tight buffered cables are perfect for inter equipment connections. These cables have high strength and good bending performance. Tight buffers of 900 microns surrounded with strength member aramid yarn and jacketed with outer sheath.
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Simplex – Duplex Simplex/Duplex cables are designed for short run indoor applications. These cables are used in the manufacture of patch cords.
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FTTx – CPRI Cables CPRI Cable or Fibers to the Antenna or FTTA cables provide connection between the base station and remote radio unit. These cables have good crush resistance and bending performance.
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FTTH  Fiber to the Home Cables
FTTH Cable or Flat drop cable offers ease of installation of standard loose tube cable in an easy access loose tube design. The dielectric element eliminates any grounding requirement.
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